Sugar Babies It Is All About The Benjamins

Prostitution just sounds so Santa Monica Boulevard where Los Angelenos drive through witnessing transvestites and real women walking up and down the boulevard like owned slaves, waiting to be chosen. That word has always had a Jack The Ripper vibe to it. However, sugaring makes it sound like a mutual agreement to the encounter and appreciation is shown with a very healthy lump of a cash.

I had first heard about Sugar Babies on the Bethenny Frankel talk show. Frankel had three Sugar Babies on the panel as wives in the audience crucified them for selling themselves for money. The three young women were all college students in desperate need of cash to get through school and pay their New York apartment rent. I remember two of the young ladies came across very educated and somewhat stoic. No one in a million years would have ever guessed they were “sugaring” to survive. They appeared to have it all together. They simply explained, like they were talking about the weather outside, that they only have a few clients who desire companionship because they do not get that at home from their wives. The women are paid a minimum $700 for their time and they each said they actually enjoy the dates. Two of the Sugar Babies plan to get out of the business once they graduate, but the third one…she is clearly addicted to sugaring income.

I would imagine the other two have already since graduated and accomplished what they set out to do. The the third Sugar Baby is now doing interviews every where. She has become the face of the Sugar Babies. Always under a fake name during her interviews (I will refer to her as Shelley), she speaks boldly about her profession and feels no shame. Shelley has well over a dozen regular clients. She has stashed away a savings of over $110,000. Why she would reveal that in publications next to her photo, I have no idea. I guess Sugar Babies do not worry about getting robbed at the ATM machine.

Shelley believes sugaring is better than dating a lot of guys hoping to meet Mr. Right, get used, and never have anything to show for it – no money, no home, no car, etc. Shelley stated this is most single women across the country. After attending Tuft University, Shelley already had a thriving business taking off and she did not see the value in dating compared to sugaring.

Sugar Babies is a website that rich older men log onto to select their type. Shelley advises rookies to try to pick the married ones because the night will have to end, at some point, and they are not looking to complicate the encounter by getting emotionally attached. Shelley has turned sugaring into a science.

I am still uncertain as to how this is done legally. I am not quite understanding why Sugar Babies have not been raided by the FBI. I remember the story of Heidi Fleiss who was the Madam of a Los Angeles upscale escort service to many high-profile public figures. She was busted and served time in prison. Fleiss did not reveal who her clients were. She moved to a farm out in Nevada after serving her time and was trying to get the biz going again. That many years ago. I since looked her up to see where the veterans of sugaring retire to. Fleiss is selling her Black Book filled with the famous celebrities who used her service and political figures who needed her service regularly. She is reportedly selling it on Ebay.

I guess Shelley has that to look forward to once she takes her sugaring to a more elite level like Fleiss did in her hay-day. Fleiss would make minimum $5,000 on one Sugar Baby in one night. What kind of sugaring had to be done to make that kind of money in less than an hour, I do not want to explore. But I would imagine it required skill.