For America’s gun makers, the slaughter of innocent people such as the grade school children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School somehow turned into a very disgustingly profitable past few years.

In the three years since the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, the country’s biggest gun manufacturers have made loads of money following a string of mass shootings — proof that as the body count rises, so do sales and profits. What is this saying about the world we live in? According to the Daily News, the four biggest gun makers have cleared more than $632 million in profits since one of the worst mass shootings in United States history.

This was especially true in 2013, the year immediately after the massacre of 20 children and six adults in Newtown on December 14, 2012. Records demonstrated that profits at Sturm Ruger, located just 22 miles from Newtown in Southport, Connecticut, increased from $70.6 million to $111.7 million. Profits at Smith & Wesson, in nearby Springfield, Massachusetts, jumped from $16.1 million to $78.7 million.

The Freedom Group, makers of Remington rifles and Bushmaster assault rifles, the weapon used in the Sandy Hook massacre, brought in $57.7 million in profits for 2013 multiplying 10 times what they made the prior year.

Vista Group, makers of rifles used for hunting animals and also ammunition and gun accessories, was initially part of a holding corporation called ATK and was spun off in 2015. After Sandy Hook, their profits rose to $64 million.

In the minds of most, the slaughter of six-year olds sitting in their classroom would make people not want to go anywhere near a firearm. However, judging from the balance sheets of several gun makers, it encouraged more to go out to purchase more guns and fight the President of the United States for wanting stricter gun laws.

Sturm-Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Vista have all tallied up their profits every year since Sandy Hook.

Since the Sandy Hook nightmare, all firearm makers have been quite busy, manufacturing more pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns, increasing at 26% over the 8.5 million manufactured in 2012.

The number of background checks, however, for purchasing a gun did not increase as much as it should have in comparison to the profits after Sandy Hook. The estimated number of firearm possession in America has reached 300 million. Are some Americans preparing for a war that many of us are unaware of yet? I have yet to see any of these NRA supporters take down any terrorist attack. Do they just like shining their guns and showing them off in social media photos?

According to transcripts during a 2013 conference with investors, Smith & Wesson Chief Executive Officer James Debney stated the tragedy in Newtown resulted in an increase in sales. He went on to state that the fear of stricter background checks caused a surge of the population to rush to buy firearms.

Sturm-Ruger’s stock closed at $43.59 after children were shot down by a gunman in Sandy Hook. President Obama’s call for an assault weapons ban caused Sturm-Ruger’s stock to rise.

The Paris attack, along with the San Bernadino shootings, gun maker Sturm-Ruger’s stock went up, closing on at $59.29. The Paris and San Bernadino tragedies somehow encouraged many Americans to run out and purchase guns and the gun makers are not complaining about the strong demand for protection in the homes of everyone. Fear is believed to be the reason behind the overwhelming increase in gun owners in the United States.

The last official figures available from the federal Centers for Disease Control put the figure at 33,636 firearms deaths in 2013 — including some 11,208 homicides and 21,175 suicides. That figure has remained steady in the last few years, rising by a fraction each year.

I have not read of any heroic stories where a gun owner rescued anyone from an armed criminal or a terrorist. All I read about are wrongful homicides and heart wrenching suicides.